Month: September, 2009

Ditch the pitch, start the conversation

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Digital Media published an article recently written by B&T writers based on a study by Light Speed Research that said Australians and Japanese were more resistant to overtures from brands on social networks.

This was in contrast to their peers in India and China who were more likely to have their opinions of a brand improved if they were engaged via social media channels.

Aussies and Japanese, it seems, are far more sceptical of social media efforts such as brand-created online videos and sponsored content, but were far more receptive to having conversations directly with bloggers about their products and services.

Anything that even carries the merest scent of ‘a sell’ is regarded unfavourably as customers seek proper interaction and engagement rather than a sales pitch dressed as ‘entertainment.’ Unsolicited engagement from companies in particular was viewed quite negatively with just 7% of Australian respondents and 9% of Japanese having a positive view of a brand befriending them on a social network.

What this means is that getting social media right is not a case of signing up and friend requesting every potential customer you can find. It’s about leveraging these networks to start a relationship with them.

Just like making friends offline, you need to find some common ground and then gain their trust and respect by being a good citizen, not by being a shark.

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Infusion – All Night Sun Light Review

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Before The Presets, Klaxons, Galvatrons, Boys Noize, etc. there was Infusion.

Although it’s been out for a few months now, I really wanted to post something about All Night Sun Light simply because it’s brilliant. In the last 2 months or so, it has been on constant rotation both on my iPhone and in my car.

I first came across Infusion back in 2000 back when I was slinging vinyl at a record store. Their sound captivated me and has continued to compel me to spread their gospel to anyone who will listen. Now 5 long years after their groundbreaking second album Six Feet Above Yesterday, the boys are back with what is in my mind their most accomplished album to date.

From the opening chords of Two Player Game, I knew I was listening to something really special. Built around their trademark melodic hooks and synth-pop, All Night Sun Light is an evolution of the Infusion sound and covers a lot of ground from quiet introspection (So Soon, Horizons) to radio-friendly pop (Memory Cheats, Gotta Leave Now) to straight-up dancefloor mayhem (Dogtown, All That’s In Your Head). The highlight for me, however, is the hauntingly beautiful Try It On that represents Infusion at their lyrical and musical best.

While All Night Sun Light may not have the same electronic sensibilities that defined their sound throughout the early 2000’s, it is still unmistakeably Infusion. Their new sound is more evolution than revolution and displays a maturity and confidence of a group that are at the top of their game with a quality of songwriting and production that eludes much of the instantly disposable eletro-pop currently doing the rounds.

Infusion’s shiny new website

iTunes album link

Full disclosure: When I discovered Infusion, I was also heavily involved in the electronic music scene and brought Infusion to Adelaide on a number of occasions. I am also fortunate to consider Manny, Jamie and Frank as friends. But don’t let that cloud your judgment of my words above as you’d only be doing yourself a disservice by not checking out the album.

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Integrating Digital with Traditional Marketing

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Here are my slides from a presentation I did last week with Jason Dunstone at Square Holes. The presentation focussed on giving businesses an idea of the challenges they are likely already facing as we move from an analogue to a digital world as well as hopefully providing some inspiration to help them start doing digital better.

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