VB Raw

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I was recently invited through inthemix.com.au to take part in a seeding trial for a secret new beer. After answering some pretty straightforward questions, I was told I would soon be receiving a six-pack of said secret beer. Last week, the  six-pack arrived and the secret was revealed: VB Raw.

The first thing that struck me was the minimalist, no-nonsense design and packaging that really appealed to me. And despite my South Australian aversion to any beer named ‘Victoria’ or ‘Melbourne’, I can honestly say that I liked it a lot.

Having started drinking Pure Blonde several years ago before the low carb beer craze had really taken hold, I consider myself to be somewhat of an aficionado of this variety of beer. While I don’t claim to have the most refined beer-drinking palette, I do know what I like (that currently being Hahn Superdry and Michelob Ultra).

Sharing the six-pack with a group of friends over the weekend, we all commented how easy VB Raw was to drink not to mention the infinitely cooler name that didn’t contain the word ‘Blonde’. It has a significantly fuller taste that stacks up very well against competition that can sometimes seem watered down and a bit too easy to drink.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first taste of VB Raw and provided it’s competitively priced, look forward to picking up a case when it hits my local.

VB Raw


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