Month: October, 2009

Sharing is caring in social media

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Whenever I speak to businesses about social media and why they should be doing it, I inevitably bring up the concept of sharing.

When it comes to the social web, sharing can indeed imply caring.

Social media has changed how content gets distributed yet the majority of businesses I come across are not yet taking advantage of this. While they are creating great content that could potentially position them as thought leaders, not many people actually ever get to see it. The problem is that the only place you can find it or expect to hear about it is on their website.

To get around this problem and start leveraging the power of social media to get your content out there, Chris Brogan suggests that the next time you are about to publish something, ask yourself the question “how does this share?”.

The bottom-line: the easier you can make it for your customer’s to share your content, the more likely they are to do it, especially when it’s good. And the more they share, the more likely it is that you’re doing something right.

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Uncharted 2 integrates gaming and social media

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Uncharted 2 is out on PS3 and it’s awesome.

Metacritic had it scored at an astoundingly high 97% at one stage which pretty much means universal praise for the game.

After a few hours play, I can honestly say that Uncharted 2 is as good as the critics say. However, one feature that got me really excited that I hadn’t previously heard about was the game’s integration with Twitter.

At an AICC lunch last week, Tracey Fellows, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia spoke about how the future of gaming will be a deeper integration with social media e.g. accessing Facebook through Xbox Live instead of your browser. While what Uncharted 2 purports to do is still pretty in that it will be tweeting your progress through the game, when you are on multiplayer, etc. it is not hard to imagine the positive outcomes that could be generated by having an #UNCHARTED2 hashtag consistently trending for days or weeks.

For the moment, however, you can only setup your Twitter account as the service isn’t quite up and running yet. But if and when it does come to fruition, this could mean the start of a whole new level of integration between social media and gaming.

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We interrupt this transmission

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Over the next week or so, my rantings and ravings on this blog will be more erratic than usual. That’s because we’ve bitten the bullet and bought our first home. So instead of offering my usual witty commentary and insight, I’ll be boxing up my life and moving a few suburbs.

One thing I’ve learned is that nothing lasts forever, and with our growing family we figured it was about time we ditched the nomad-like existence and cash-in on KRudd’s generosity while the offer was there.

P.S. It should also come as no surprise that the first thing I did once we knew the date we were moving was relocate the Internet and Foxtel.

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