Launching the iPad: A Marketing Perspective

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apple-ipadWith the interwebs (especially Twitter) all aflutter over the launch of the Apple’s latest technological marvel, the iPad, I thought it would be timely to post my reactions. However, instead of passing judgment on a device that I am yet to get my hands on (hint, hint Apple reps), I thought it would be fun to look at the launch from an entirely different perspective.

First of all, this is not the first Apple product unveiling I have borne witness to. I was there (well, not actually there, but aware of it anyway) when Steve Jobs announced the iPod, iTunes, the switch to Intel chips and the original iPhone. Yet somehow, the hype leading up to those pales in comparison to the amount of speculation and praise that has been heaped on the iPad in the weeks and months leading up to Jan 27. It was hardly surprising that Mac Fanbois, spurred on no doubt by Steve Jobs own comments,  claimed that the then-unnamed Apple tablet was going to be a “game changer”, but then so too did the mainstream press who heralded it as ushering in a new era of computing, entertainment, media, etc.  all before the device had even be released.

While it might turn out to be a game changer, my first impressions are that it is nowhere near the giant leap forward that the iPhone, iTunes or even the iMac were. To me, those three did more to revolutionise how we think about mobile phones, music and the computers place in the home.


Irrespective of whether the iPad lives up to the hype, full marks must go to Apple’s marketing team for another outstanding product launch. They have leveraged the reach and power of internet (not to mention the brand’s mystique) to ramp the rumour mill into overdrive by saying, well, very little. Instead of shouting about it, they leaked snippets of information and essentially left their fans and industry analysts to let their imaginations run wild.

Next time you think about putting out another piece of collateral telling consumers how great you are, stop and ask yourself if you are saying more than you need to. Too much and you run the risk of painting yourself into a corner and alienating potential customers. Not enough and they won’t know what you’re about. While chances are you don’t have the same brand cache and fervent fan base as Apple, it is worth considering how much detail you need to put out there to tantalise your audience and to know what will get them excited.


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I think it will be a game changer, in that way that making the ipod compatible with windows was. Mass market game changer.

But regards marketing, it was amazing to see a big article taking up most of the Adelaide Now homepage!

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Well said Mal. I always say to people that Apple doesn’t actually do anything new, they just do it well.

Take the iPhone as a bit of hardware it’s outmatched by many phones, but as a package, apps, UI etc it’s a winner. Tablet PC’s are nothing new, and the specs of the iPad are not amazing, but full credit to Apple for their launch.

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adelaide dancing

it’s natural that each time they do a product launch that it is bigger and better because they will have learnt from the previous one, also, my opinion of the ipad is that it is a device for the moms and pops of this world and not necessarily for the geeks, although i’m disappointed about the lack of flash support since i’ve only just recently started getting into making applications in flash 🙁

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The most impressive thing about this product launch, Apple (officially) said *nothing* about this product except “Come and see our latest creation” … that’s it, 6 words … yet the entire tech world, and most of the popular media, was focused on this launch like nothing before it.

That’s an impressive campaign.

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Pure Funk Dance

It is a game changer, it changed my world. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

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Me dull. You smart. That’s just what I needde.

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