Month: April, 2010

AC/DC and Iron Man Destroy Rochester Castle!

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The intersection of music, film and architecture results in an outstanding 3D building projection that is also an excellent example of ambient media. Historic Rochester Castle is shaken apart, brick-by-brick with a stunning visual display bringing together AC/DC and the film Iron Man 2.

If you thought the Northern Lights during the Adelaide Festival of Arts were cool, wait till you get a load of this!

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A quick reminder of the true power of social media

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As part of my work as a mentor for MEGA, I had the privilege recently to meet with Sandra Cook. Sandra runs a website called Journey Beyond Road Trauma, an online social network that brings together those affected by road trauma. Officially launched this past Easter, it has rapidly grown into a community of 400+ who lend support to each other, share stories and honour the memories of loved ones lost.

Journey Beyond Road Trauma

As marketers, we spend so much time thinking about what this new technology means for our business that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Social media is more than just a new way to observe and interact with our customers, but a total revolution in how we as a society communicate and connect with each other. It empowers tribes to form and mobilise around a common cause. While some are nothing more than pure novelty, there are others that have the power to truly change our world for the better.

The tribe that Sandra has built is well and truly the latter and a reminder of the true power of social media.

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