Month: January, 2011

The Golden Rules for Avoiding Social Media Disaster

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As the proverbial shiny new toy, its easy to look at social media as a panacea, what with the cheap and easy access to platforms and the ability to reach customers directly (thus bypassing previously expensive communication channels).

The truth however, is that social media won’t help you sell anymore units if your product stinks.

In fact, if your product does stink then it’s probably going to be exposed faster than ever before and the effects can be devastating. Just take a look at Vodafone’s recent woes and the accompanying Vodafail website and hashtag, if you want to know what I mean.

So with that in mind, here are my golden rules for avoiding social media disaster:

  1. Make products that people want and work as advertised.
  2. If something goes wrong, keep the lines of communication open. Don’t go dark. Use all the platforms at your disposable, especially the ones where your customers are talking about the problem to acknowledge it exists and let them know what you’re going to do to fix it. Then do it. The key here is sincerity and compassion.

That’s it. It’s not rocket science. Be a good citizen, respect your customers and help them solve problems.

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