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Just another Saturday morning

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Every Saturday morning for the past few weeks my wife and I pack down the stroller, grab the green bags and take our son into Aelaide’s Central Markets. We start off with a strong coffee; then spend a leisurely hour or so doing our grocery shopping for the coming week amidst the colour, hustle and bustle of the market; before finishing off with a bowl of fresh, tasty noodles.

It is an activity that we really enjoy doing as a family and look forward.

Like most people, our working week is frantic as we juggle the twin demands of work and raising a young child.

When I was younger, single and not a parent, life was more or less free flowing and unstructured. However as my familial and professional obligations grew that fluidity soon descended into chaos.

Having something simple and pleasurable at the end of the week, week in, week out, that we look forward helps lend some structure and order to our lives. Instead of that empty feeling Monday morning wondering where the weekend went, I now start the week focused and content knowing that I’ve done something useful and spent quality time with the most important people in my life.

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