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Marketing Week Recap

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Well Marketing Week is over for another year and despite my earlier missives, I thoroughly enjoyed and learned plenty from the sessions I attended.

Michae Ebeid (@mikeebeid), Malcolm Auld (@MADmarketing) and Jenny Williams (@ideagarden) were thought-provoking and entertaining with their presentations. Malcolm in particular surprised me with his insight and intelligence despite being a Liverpool supporter. (more…)

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Marketing Week Fail

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I was browsing through the Marketing Week program earlier today and was shocked to discover a distinct lack of sessions with a social media focus.

Instead there still seems to be a lot of “Introduction to digital/mobile/etc.” that while still serving a fundamental purpose, are so 2006…(or is that 2005). It’s a pretty sad indictment of Adelaide marketers that as an industry, we still need to be convinced about the basics before we can get into the juicy, topical stuff. (more…)

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