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Making the most of the weekend

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If you’re like me, come Monday morning, you’re often wondering where the weekend went. When you throw kids and a minimum amount of ‘couch time’ into the equation, you can easily wind up not accomplishing a helluva lot.

The problem gets compounded when there a things around the house that you really need to do such as installing those baby gates you’ve been promising your wife for months or protecting the PS3 from curious little hands.

Luckily, Digital Dads has some great advice for making the most of the weekend and still getting enough chillax time.

  1. Set Clear Goals
    The more vague your goals are, the more likely you won’t get them done. Be as specific as possible. Don’t set the goal of “make a sit down dinner.” Instead set it as “make a dutch oven pot roast for dinner.” Being specific up front focuses you even more on the end goal.
  2. Make a List (in your head doesn’t count)
    This can be on a sticky note, whiteboard or the nearest scrap of paper, but putting it down on paper makes it more likely to happen. This is extra important if you have more then one goal because you can check them off as you complete them. This gratification will help you push forward.
  3. Don’t Do Too Much
    A million tiny tasks or a handful of major ones will both kill you. Don’t give into the temptation to try and do too much. Recognize your limitations and set the right number of goals. Nothing sucks more then having to push something off to the next weekend.
  4. Tell Other People Your Goals
    When you are accountable to someone, it is a great motivator. It is very easy to tell yourself you are going to do something, but the more people you tell the more likely you are to stay focused and succeed.
  5. Celebrate Victory
    When you complete a group of tasks or at the end of the weekend when your list is all checked off be sure to reward yourself. It might be something simple like sitting down for a beer break or some time playing video games. Just be sure to congratulate yourself.
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