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8 Ways To Make Your Analytics (More) Awesome

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Google Analytics has to be one of the most used, but least understood tools in digital marketing.

While most users have a good understanding of what it does (track visits and behaviour on your website), there is a big gap between generating and acting on data in isolation as opposed to generating meaningful, actionable insights.

To illustrate what I mean, check out this wonderful ad from Adobe that really cuts to the heart of the problem:

See? Making major marketing decisions based on misleading data.

I had the pleasure of presenting at the October #socadl event on precisely this topic and came up with a few cool tips and tricks I use to make my Google Analytics rock.

While you really do need the talk to go along with slides, this should hopefully inspire you to go research these features yourself or alternatively feel free to reach out.

8 Ways To Make Your Google Analytics Awesome from Mal Chia
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