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Listen to your fans, not your critics: another lesson from Heroes

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Watching re-runs of first season episodes of Heroes, I was reminded of how much more engaging these earlier episodes are in comparison to the last two seasons.

As a kid who grew up immersed in comic book mythology, the arrival of Heroes was like a wet dream. Although by no means perfect, season one was an adrenaline rush that gave viewers a huge pay off with every episode and won the show a fiercely devoted fan base. Everyone I knew either loved it or knew someone who did and were itching to watch it for themselves – it had that sort of buzz.

Then it all started to go wrong.


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Sylar’s lessons

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Despite the last season of Heroes being uneven at best and overall pretty poor compared to previous efforts, these lessons from Sylar are still pretty bad ass:

1. Always have an objective.
2. Know your end game before you lift your hand.
3. Keep a clear head — emotions make you sloppy.
4. Understand your motivation — always know what you want.

Even if you can’t fly, teleport, stop time, etc, etc, I reckon there’s something in this for anyone working in marketing. In short, know why you’re doing it before you do it and always put strategy before creative!

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